Ford Motor Company is changing the way you shop by bringing more convenience to your life. The automaker is partnering with Argo AI and Walmart to bring autonomous vehicle delivery service to three cities in the U.S. — Austin, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

This marks the first time the retail giant has collaborated with other companies to bring autonomous delivery to customers in multiple cities. Ford will supply the vehicles equipped with the self-driving technology from Argo AI.

“Argo and Ford are aggressively preparing for large-scale autonomous vehicle operations across a broad footprint of U.S. cities,” said Scott Griffith, CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility Businesses. “Pairing Walmart’s retail and e-commerce leadership with Argo and Ford’s self-driving operations across these multiple cities marks a significant step toward scaling a commercial goods delivery service that will ultimately power first-to-scale business efficiencies and enable a great consumer experience.”

The goal of the collaboration, which is set to launch later this year, is to allow Walmart customers to order popular items, including their grocery order, online, and then receive the goods at their homes. Over time, Ford, Walmart, and Argo AI plan to extend the autonomous delivery service to more customers across many U.S. cities, offering a more efficient customer experience.

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