Ford Launches New FordPass™ Rewards Visa Card

Ford Rewards | Longview, TX

Ford customers looking to get the most out of their money are bound to be excited over the announcement that Ford Motor Company and the First National Bank of Omaha are teaming up to offer the FordPass™ Rewards Visa Card. This new credit card will let you save on Ford products and accumulate high points when you do so.

David Loffin, the manager of Customer Experience at Ford, had this to say in a recent statement: “Not only does this card match the features of other major players in the credit card space, it offers customers a means to reduce the cost of ownership by redeeming Points to purchase, lease, or service their vehicle.”

No annual fee is attached to the FordPass™ Rewards Visa Card. Spend more than $499 at a Ford dealership like Pegues Hurst to qualify for zero-percent introductory APR for your first six billing cycles from the purchase.

Earn 10 percent back in points when you service your Ford, five percent back for other products at Ford dealerships, and three percent back for auto insurance, parking, gas, dining, and tolls. All other purchases receive one-percent cash back. Spend $3,000 within the first three billing cycles to receive a $100 statement credit and spend $6,000 in your first 12 straight billing cycles for a $200 annual statement credit.

For more information on how to save with this new Visa, pay us a visit at Pegues Hurst Ford today.

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