Tips for Caring for your Idle Ford Vehicle

Tips For Caring For Your Ford | Longview, TX

Leaving your vehicle idle for a long period of time may save you gas money, but it could cost you more down the line. Cars are supposed to be driven, and letting them sit for too long causes serious maintenance problems. Consider these tips to keep your stationary car in the best shape possible.

Watch the tires

In as little as 30 days of inactivity, your tires can develop flat spots. This is as easy to prevent as rolling the car forward or backward so that it sits in a different position, or just driving it for a short while. Older tires can develop cracks or bulges, so always check your tires before taking it out of storage.

Check the battery

If you run your vehicle regularly, batteries usually don’t need extra maintenance. But if you’re planning on storing the car for a long period of time, consider a trickle charger. It provides a small amount of electricity to keep the battery topped off and prevents it from dying.

Measure the oil

Water condensation can build up in your engine oil over time. Instead of using a mileage-based oil change schedule, switch to a time-based one. Change the oil every six months or drive the car around every week or so to get it up to temperature. That will burn off the extra water condensation.

Get a car cover

Purchase a car cover if your vehicle is sitting outside. This will protect the interior, the paint job, and the tires from harsh UV light.

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