Tips for Safely Towing With Your Ford Truck

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Thanks to an influx of smart new technology, safe towing has never been easier. But when dealing with loads of up to 13,000 pounds, it’s still vital to be fully aware of safety tips and important precautions. From your friends at Pegues Hurst Ford, here are some tips for safely towing with your Ford truck.

Before you tow

Before you tow anything with your Ford truck, it’s important to drive the truck at least 1,000 miles. This will make for safer conditions when you tow for the first time, as you will know your vehicle better and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Know your GCWR

The Gross Combination Weight Rating, or GCWR, is the maximum weight your Ford truck can handle. It combines the weight of the truck, the passengers, the fuel, and your trailer. You need to memorize that number and ensure you’re always under it.

Weight distribution

Load approximately 60 percent of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer with the remaining 40 percent in the rear. Make sure the load is evenly balanced from side-to-side to make for optimal handling and minimal tire wear.


Always allow yourself more distance to brake when towing. If you’re equipped with a manual brake controller, lead with trailer brakes when possible. Lower gears will help when braking downhill.

By remembering these important tips, you can tow in confidence behind the wheel of your Ford truck. For more information and a look at our lineup of the latest Ford trucks, visit us as Pegues Hurst Ford today.

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