Power of the Upcoming Electric Ford F-150

Ford F-150 | Longview, TX

Ford unveiled the prototype for the all-new electric Ford F-150, and it is generating buzz with its displays of power and strength. The power of the upcoming electric Ford F-150 is on par with a gas-powered Ford truck. The only sacrifice you will have to make will be stops at the pump.

Ford wanted a visual demonstration to showcase the strength of the upcoming electric F-150. So, the automaker released a video in which the F-150 prototype, running on electricity alone, tows 10 double-decker rail cars carrying a total of 42 F-150s. The combined weight of the rail cars and the Ford trucks equals more than 1 million pounds, proving the power of the electric F-150 in a jaw-dropping display.

One shouldn’t be too surprised by the might of the electric Ford F-150. Unlike internal-combustion engines, electric engines are able to instantly deliver torque from a standstill. Most diesel engines utilize electric motors to propel the vehicle forward; the engine transforms energy into electricity to power the electric motors.

Trucks made by Ford at Pegues Hurst Ford have the power pickup owners need. Once Ford releases its electric version of the F-150, buyers will have a truck with all the strength of a gas engine and none of the emissions or refueling stops.

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